Welcome to Ethereal Haze

For those who seek the ultimate spiritual high

Crystal Healing meets Functionality

We aren't your regular crystal shop

At Ethereal Haze, we create crystals with you in mind.

Our goal is to offer crystals that serve a dual purpose—to invigorate the soul, and to manifest a solution.

Has your soul been searching for an answer? If so, look no further, spiritual warrior. Welcome to Ethereal Haze. ☾

☆ Customer Testimonials ☆

Their pieces are beautiful. After getting it today, totally gonna order from them again. The packaging was clean, I loved the feel good sticker on the meaning of the piece, just overall a great experience, even with how active they are on here. Great customer service with a great product! ★★★★★ 5/5


This might be the cutest pipe I've ever seen and now own?! Thank youuu @etherealhaze.store! I want them alll but the pineapple is my fav.


I love your work so much. It's gorgeous! I was going to get two but the other was sold out :(


This pipe has a strong and very grounding energy. It is also absolutely lovely to look at. It's also well drilled and draws well. Thank you so much!

Anna P. (New York, NY)

shipping was surprisingly fast! ordered this for a birthday gift expecting for it to not come on time and it did! it was packaged beautifully as well. i had bought another crystal pipe online from another place and it took forever to ship and was just wrapped in bubble wrap and covered in tape. definitely recommending this shop to anyone looking for a pretty little pipe!

Kelsey F. (British Columbia, Canada)

It is one of the best items I ever purchased for the money I paid for. Yes it was shipped on time. Thank you

Malcolm H. (Kissimmee, FL)

My boyfriend bought this for me and I love it! 🤩🤩 Its got a nice color, a nice weight, and it's just the right size for my hand, and it shipped way faster than I expected. If you're thinking about buying it, do it.

Shaniel F. (Ardmore, AL)

Very beautiful and I loved the box it came in. Nice little storage for it. Thank you! Hope to order again in the future

Antonia V. (Norfolk, NE)

I RAN out to my mailbox when this arrived! Delivery was super quick. The labradorite is absolutely beautiful.

Jessica S. (Boise, ID)