A POWERFUL Crystal Meditation

A POWERFUL Crystal Meditation


  1. Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet.

  2. Select the crystals you want to meditate with. 


  1. Cleanse your crystals (see here on how to)

  2. Cleanse yourself to rid of any low vibe or stagnant energies by burning some sage or Palo Santo, gently waving it around your body, saying a mantra of gratitude (suggestions below)

    1. “Thank you for clearing this space for only love and light to flow in”

    2. “May the guides of the highest truth and compassion be here now”


  1. Set your intention by either writing it down (suggested), or focusing on it in your mind.

  2. Visualize the words of the intention going into the crystals in your hand

  3. Feel the crystal in your hand begin to glow with luminous light

  4. Visualize and feel this light energy travel up from your hands to your arms, flowing through your body 

  5. See yourself glowing brighter and brighter with each inhale, feeling the energy of your intention with all 5 senses.

  6. Stay in this space for a couple minutes, really relishing the feeling

  7. Know that this energy is now permanently in you. 

  8. Notice the floor beneath you, and your surroundings.

  9. Take one more deep breath, and open your eyes.

  10. Thank the Universe (or higher power of choice) and crystals for their help.

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