🌕Full Moon & Crystal Ceremony 🌕

🌕Full Moon & Crystal Ceremony 🌕

Have you ever wanted to do a Full Moon & Crystal Ceremony?

We all know that the full moon has an affect on water...and we all know that humans (and many other things on this planet) are made of mostly water...

So how come "science" doesn't want to acknowledge that the full moon indeed does have an effect on people?🧐

Regardless, the full moon is a time where senses are heightened, the fine line between physical and spiritual becomes blurred, and manifestations can come to fruition faster...if you're intentional :) 

Aka, perfect for a full moon routine with your crystal pipe and crystals!

Photo by Wellington Cunha from Pexels


For the 2 weeks before the full moon…

🌑Eat as natural and clean as possible 🌱

🌒Avoid negative energy producing activities (i.e. listening to the news)⁣

🌓Meditate 10 minutes 5-7 times a week⁣

🌔Clear your space for powerful new energy to flow in⁣

🌕Visualize what you want to manifest daily for 17 seconds⁣



Materials needed:

  • Crystal pipe
  • Smoking blend of choice (legal purposes only)
  • Quiet place to sit so you can see the moon
  • A calming candle
  • Other Things that make you feel calm
  1. Find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed by anyone.
  2. Light some candles, lay out any other crystals, dim the lights
  3. Burn some ethically-sourced sage/palo santo to cleanse your energy while saying this mantra 3x:
    1. Dear Universe, thank you for filling this space with light and love. May all that is not serving my higher purpose transmute into love and light. I am love, I am light. I am light, I am love.
  4. Say an intention for your meditation. Perhaps you would like direction from the Universe/God/whatever resonates most with you
  5. Mindfully light your crystal pipe, and smoke slowly yet deeply.
  6. Once you feel like you are in a good state, close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth, deeply and slowly, 3 times.
  7. Imagine your surroundings slowly disappearing, so that it is just you, floating under the soothing light of the full moon
  8. Imagine this moon energy filling you up, and you glow brighter and brighter, feeling more and more cleansed of all stagnant and negative energies
  9. Now that you’re charged with all this powerful lunar energy, imagine the things you want to manifest—and hold each in your mind’s eye and feel excitement for its upcoming fruitions
  10. Listen to the moon—what advice does it have for you? Pause and listen. It’s okay if nothing comes or if it doesn’t make sense yet.
  11. Hold gratitude for a couple minutes for this practice, and then end the meditation once the time feels right, and thank the Universe and the Moon for their guidance.

Did you enjoy this? Want more? Comment below so I can create more meditations for you!

This website is informational and claims are not backed by the FDA. Please consult a licensed physician, as crystals cannot diagnose or treat illnesses or disease.
All photos from Google Images & Pexels
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