☾ Crystal Grid 101 ☾

☾ Crystal Grid 101 ☾

Feeling down? Is meditating on one crystal not helping as much as you’d like? When you need an ultra-boost of powerful crystal energy in your life, crystal grids are the way to go!

Not only are crystal grids beautiful AF, they are also extremely functional as well. Moreover, creating beautiful crystal grids is a lot easier than you think! Read on to learn how to create your own stunning and unique crystal grid (BONUS: learn how to incorporate your crystal pipe in there as well!)

  1. PURPOSE: What is your intention for creating your crystal grid? Having a clear and strong intention is what will activate the combined energies of your crystals. An intention can be something specific, or you can simply asking the Universe to help you find the intention you need; don’t worry about being specific—as long as the drive behind your intention is strong, the answer will come to you.
  2. WRITE: writing out your intention is a must. While you are writing our your intention, visualize and feel it coming into fruition. Emotion is energy in motion, and it is the driving force of wishes to come true.
  3. CLEANSE: Choose a spot that is peaceful to create your crystal grid. Cleanse the area of any negative or stale energies by waving a smudge stick around the room, placing bowls of sea salt in the area, or placing a crystal cluster (our Amethyst Cluster Pipe works perfectly for this!)
    **What I personally use & recommend:
    Sea Salt (a bit more expensive, but yields a much higher vibrational quality for cleansing)https://amzn.to/2vMrEqY
    Smudge Stickshttps://amzn.to/2vRgzot
  4. AMBIANCE: if you would like, you can make your space feel more peaceful and comfortable by burning incense or candlesarranging flowers, and/or playing soft music (subliminals/binaural beats at 528Hz or 432Hz pair wonderfully if they add to the desired vibe you want to get into!)
    ***BONUS*** Feel free to use your crystal pipe to smoke a calming herb blend while you prep your space
  5. ARRANGE: The crystal at the center of the grid is called the Master Crystal. The master crystal is the main energetic focus of the grid, so choose one whose energies aligns with your goals. Charge it before using (learn how to charge crystals here). Arrange crystals of your choosing around this master crystal in a geometric shape. If you would like to use a crystal grid mat, feel free to do so! We recommend this grid, or this beginner gridding set.
    ***Don’t overthink or worry about where you place the crystals; just tune in and see where your hand naturally goes. Remember, crystal grids don't have to be to intricate to work!***
    Some Inspirations for You :) 
    crystal grid for love

    crystal grid for prosperity
    crystal grid for peace
  6. VISUALIZE: sit back and close your eyes, taking deep mindful breaths in order to center yourself. Visualize the crystals’ energies combining and flowing as light into you, and FEEL that you have achieved your goal. What does the achievement of your goal look/feel/taste/smell/sound like? How does it make you feel emotionally? Stay in this space for a while, and release all worries, as your crystals are here to protect you by channeling the power of the universe into you.
    ***You may hold your crystal pipe in your hand during this time if you would like***
  7. GRATITUDE: When you feel ready, thank your crystals and the universe for helping you achieve your goal. Slowly open your eyes, and smile, because  everything you asked for is already on its way.
  8. REFRESH: Cleanse your crystals to deprogram them. This way, when you create another crystal grid, or use your crystals for another healing session, they will be fully charged and thoroughly cleansed from past sessions.

Want to learn more about crystal grids? We recommend the following books below—these are the secret weapons that all those beautiful crystal grid creators on IG read to succeed during their crystal journey ;)

Hope you have a beautiful day!

With Love & Light,

 Image Sources: Google & Pexel 
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