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"PEACE" Opalite Limited Edition Crystal Pipe - Ethereal Haze
"PEACE" Opalite Limited Edition Crystal Pipe - Ethereal Haze
"PEACE" Opalite Limited Edition Crystal Pipe - Ethereal Haze

"PEACE" Opalite Limited Edition Crystal Pipe

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❤ Get into the vibe of pure bliss while achieving your goals with your very own healing crystal pipe! 



"PEACE" Opalite Crystal Pipe:⁠

✨Harmony in Mind & Environment

✨Serenity in Life

✨Transmutes Negative Emotions into Love & Light⁠

~ ~ ~

No matter the millennia, peace is a refuge everyone all over the world seems to be searching for.

😌 Lasting peace stems from within. This pipe reminds you of this, with the 3 gems symbolizing dropping deeper into your soul, passing every layer of mind, to find that sense of ever-present serenity.

💙 Against dark backgrounds, the Opalite stone pipe is a stunning blue, reminding you that no matter how dark the clouds of life may seem, the blue sky is always there, right behind the clouds.

⚪ Against light backgrounds, it is a translucent white, reminding you of the clarity and stillness mindfulness brings when you are at peace.⁠


For many centuries, certain crystals and rocks have been known to hold immense healing properties. We’ve combined the beauty of relaxation with the power of crystals to help you achieve your biggest aspirations and dreams in life.

What could be better than knowing your desires are being manifested while you kick back and relax? :)

Each of our pipes is carefully handcrafted out of 100% natural healing crystal or rock, ensuring durability and the lifting of your spirits :) (each pipe will differ slightly in appearance due to it being handcrafted real crystal)

Check out the infographic to discover which crystal pipe is the one for you!


The most common method of cleansing stones are:

  • Sun & Moon: Place the stone in direct sunlight/moonlight for 24 hours
  • Earth: Place the stone on dirt (i.e. on the dirt of a potted plant, in your garden, etc.)
  • Water (and sea salt): Place the stone in a mesh bag and rinse it in the ocean for several minutes, or soak the stone for several hours in a glass of purified water with a pinch of sea salt. CAUTIONS: *Salt may damage the finish on some stones (stones that are soft/friable). Placing a stone in dry sea salt (without the water) may damage its electromagnetic field.
  • Fire: Burn dried sage leaves (or use a smudge stick!) and hold crystals in the smoke for 3-4 minutes
NO Carb / NO Side Hole but still has a nice tension pull and draw!
(Sorry we can't put one in either as they are prohibited by law)

Approximately 3-4.5 inches/ 7-12 cm

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