7 Self Love Activities (LIFE CHANGING)

7 Self Love Activities (LIFE CHANGING)

Self care is much deeper than bubble baths and “treat yo self” desserts (though they are great ;))

It’s about taking the time to do some introspection.

Self care can simply be asking yourself, have I appreciated myself today? 

Below are some Self-Love activities that you can do to reconnect with that sense of wholeness. Try them out! :) 


  • Write down everything I appreciate about myself (physical, personality, etc.)

  • How can you appreciate the things you perceive as “flaws”? What about them do you appreciate and/or are thankful for? (there is always something--sometimes you just have to look a bit deeper :))

  • Write down all the things you are grateful for in your life

  • Fill in the blank: If only I could be “X”, I would feel “Y”. Now find things in your life that already can give you the feeling of “Y”, and incorporate them into your life.

  • Put on some songs that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Close your eyes, move your body (make sure it is safe to do so!), feel what it feels like to be fully present with yourself and the music

  • Write a self-love letter to yourself after (or during!) listening to that music. Keep it 

  • List out the limiting beliefs you have about yourself (i.e. I’m so awkward), and under each, write about a time where you were the opposite (i.e. I had a great conversation with X the other day, we both left the conversation feeling amazing!)

With Love,

ShelteRNBlaze Team


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