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Do you feel like a potato during quarantine? :P

AKA, do you find yourself lazing around, unable to find the motivation to do anything?


If you answered "yes", then I hear and feel you. We've been there too (and still do heh)!

So here’s a quick mindset hack to cure that once and for all!

Every time you are faced with something you don’t want to do due to laziness, etc., but know you should, count backwards 5-4-3-2-1, and immediately get to doing it.

Sounds too simple right? But that’s the beauty and magic of it!

This is a SUPER AMAZING & 110% EFFECTIVE metacognition trick by renowned motivational speaker and coach Mel Robbins (ps if you’re looking for an amazing book, check out her 5 Second Rule book, it’s hands down my most favorite motivational book ever.) 

How it works is that it activates the decision-making part of your brain (the frontal lobe), which overrides the emotion part of your brain; aka, the part of your brain that gives you all those excuses of why you don’t FEEL like doing the thing you know you need to do!


Cool, right?

We challenge you all to try out the 5 second rule for 1 week, and share on your IG with the hashtag #ShelteRnBlaze how it goes (be sure to tag us and!)

With all our Love,

The ShelteRNBlaze Team


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