Finding Faith in Fear

Finding Faith in Fear

Have you felt the energy of the world lately?

Maybe some of you are feeling the collective heaviness...

Some of you might be feeling the massive shift in awakening...

Or perhaps you've been feeling it all in waves; sometimes even all at once.

Know that whatever you feel, it is okay to feel that way.

And if you have been feeling really low lately, that's okay too. Your emotions are 100% valid, and okay to feel.

Once we fully step into the acceptance of our feelings, only then can we move forward with elevating our emotional frequency.

Ask yourself, "How can I choose faith in this moment instead of fear?"

Instead of focusing on feeling low, what is the next best emotion I can reach for?

We are not looking to go from -10 to +100 on the emotional scale, but rather -10 to -5.

-5 to -3

-3 to +3

+3 to +11

And so on.

  • Below is an example of "What is the next best feeling thought that I can reach to?" in action:
    • i.e. from fear, to unease, to frustration, to dissatisfaction, to neutrality, to hopefulness, to inspiration, to empowerment, to faith. 

By slowly and mindfully elevating our emotions, we are able to remain grounded in the midst of what seems like chaos.

Although we are social distancing, we have the beautiful opportunity to connect deeper than ever before.

So please reach out; to your family, to your friends, or to people you simply resonate with for seemingly no reason. Do not be afraid to reach out if you need help, if you need someone to talk to, or even to offer help. 

Because it is TOGETHER that we can heal.

Crystals hold specific vibrations that attune you to a certain frequency, and thus can be immensely helpful during these times. Below is a list of crystals that help alleviate anxiety and low vibes:

✨Clears Negative Energies⁠
**pipe version here**

✨Letting Go⁠

**pipe version here**

✨Healing Love⁠
**pipe version here**

Sending you all so much love.

With Love & Light,

This website is informational and claims are not backed by the FDA. Please consult a licensed physician, as crystals cannot diagnose or treat illnesses or disease.
 Image Sources: Pexel 
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